39 things

Since I will be turning 40 in 6 months I think it is time to prepare for the despair, the bucket of tears, the leap off the cliff, with a list that I believe defines me.


1. I am 1/4 Czech 

2. I am obsessed with scrabble

3. I detest video games

4. When I was 12 I was obsessed with Napoleon

5. I went to boarding school for 5 years

6. My first album was Elton John’s Greatest Hits

7. I lost my virginity with a boy whom I had loved since I was 6

8.I always count on my fingers

9.I failed Math at school, miserably

10.My friends describe me as bossy but say that they don’t mind

11.I have cried watching TV ads

12.My daughters are named after characters in books

13.I had two cesareans so I feel like a virgin

14.I always have painted toenails

15.I have lived in South Africa, England, Hong Kong, Japan, New York, France, Canada and Trinidad 

16.I love sleeping with my dog

17.I worship jewelry and shoes

18.The first time I got drunk it was on Martini Cinzano. I was 14

19.I met my husband on a beach in Eygpt

20.Sushi and Toblerone anytime, anywhere

21.I love my friends as much as my family, sometimes more

22.I believe that birthdays are an excuse for absolute decadence

23.The only disadvantage to having children is that I can’t see as many movies

24.I hate exercise

25.I love the country but I’m not sure I can handle living there

26.I have never potted a plant

27.My worst phobia is worms

28.I am a sucker for a good hotel

29.Italy and India are my favorite countries

30.My soul is best when it is looking at water

31.I hate cats and birds

32.Art is my passion

33.I am a photographer and have been since I was 8

34.I have been in therapy. Many times

35.I don’t want to be 40 but I want to live ‘till 100

36.I want Goodbye Yellow Brick Road to be played at my funeral

37.I am terrified of death

38.I have no tolerance for pain

39.I have one sister and two fathers


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  1. I want to go to Japan! I am also obsessed with scrabble and my boyfriend whose first language is NOT English ALWAYS beats me 😦 I don’t know why!

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