Chasing a Lemon

Our brand new used car is a lemon. We are leasing it from a man with gold teeth, it has no seat belts and the other night we couldn’t turn the alarm off.

It’s bad enough to drive a Nissan Almira, the most stolen car in Trinidad but when you are driving it at night while the car alarm is blaring, it is positively embarrassing.  The first time we drove past the police they ignored us. They just drove on by pretending that a stolen car was not screeching past.   The second time I stifled a giggle as I couldn’t believe our luck but this one flashed his lights and turned around. At this point my hero, the husband put his foot on the pedal and sped up. I had no idea the police were chasing us and couldn’t understood why he was driving like a mad man. I kept asking him to take the corners maybe at 35 instead of 60?  Luckily as the police caught up with us our alarm mysteriously stopped.  Getting stopped by the police in Trinidad would not be fun. Even if it was a case of car alarm malfunction they would relish the thought of finding something to stop us for. An expat stopped by the cops? That might make the papers.  

When you need them the police never come.  In fact I have heard on many occasions stories of the police spotted driving, beer bottle in hand. People often overtake the police on the highway and the police are notorious for confiscating drugs and keeping a bit for themselves. The irony of an expat family of four being stopped at midnight by the cops would be lost on them. But not on us. 

Phew. Newspaper fame averted.



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5 responses to “Chasing a Lemon

  1. Tom

    You are no longer suspicious to the police if you speed off, ensuing a chase with the car alarm blaring, if you manage to disarm it somehow. There is no way that someone who stole a car could possibly disarm an alarm while in chase.

    I think that was incredibly good judgement by the TT police. I mean, they have to get back to the Lime that they are chasing…can’t be bothered with a Lemon.

  2. robert

    ha! what a scene. good job by francois the getaway driver.

  3. That’s priceless! Why would they stop chasing you after the alarm went off? I love it.

    Here in Malaysia we expat women often mention being winked at, honked at or whistled at by police as they drive by. It’s really something that would be unthinkable back home!

  4. caryn ferguson

    Fantastic story! “Only in Trinidad” is a phrase we can use loosely………is that what makes this country so interesting? All the unexpected? Keep writing so everyone knows these things that we sit and laugh at while we are having a cup of tea!

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