Trinidad needs a new day

I am not even American and I feel proud. America is like my best friend who has been disappointing me of late.  In fact we haven’t been speaking for awhile. Now I feel like hanging out again. I am not naive and don’t believe that the troubles are over but the very fact of voting for him is a strong indicator that times are a changing. I do not want to wax lyrical about how we are tipping into this new era and I don’t want to add a voice to all the others in the danger of turning something very real and touching into a cliche. I will say that when I went into school today it felt like the world had changed. Yes, the odd cynic wondered how long this might last and a few Republican students threw some sour grapes into the mix but even those people were smiling.  Everyone was happy. Everyone was slightly electric as if we had just entered the future.

Trinidad is absolutely thrilled about Obama, as is most of the world. So my question is, why is Trinidad so inspired by someone else’s leader? They vote but don’t believe in their leaders, yet they’ve placed a whole lot of hope in Obama’s hands. They are not inspired here since there is little faith in the promise of change. While the US is ripe for a new vision, Trinidad wants it but perhaps is not ready. In Obama’s acceptance speech he spoke of a victory over apathy. Apathy is ingrained over here and there is an overwhelming sense of “what’s the point?”.

 The American people have spoken and they have said “Enough.”

When the Trinis speak they do not demand change. Why is this? How can there be apathy in the face of unreasonable crime. There have been 436 murders this year and counting. Where is their Obama?



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2 responses to “Trinidad needs a new day

  1. Tom

    There was an incredible turnout and you’re right, Americans have finally said “enough”. But this is only after years and years of apathy and living in fear. Bush was re-elected on fear and fear alone.

    Trini’s are apathetic and they too live in fear. But there needs to be an uprising. There needs to be a level of frustration that permeates everything that they do and see. That’s the level that it got to in the states after many American’s saw through Bush’s lies. Only after the Trini’s see through the lies and truly feel the frustration (vs. the “well that’s the way that it is” mentality) will they be able to find their Obama.

    Here’s to hope for that new day in January in the US. Here’s to the hope that Trini’s will be inspired by our new leader and stand up to their own. Here’s to the hope that this can lead to a new era across the globe. (Sorry, I had to wax lyrical to the new era) 🙂

  2. I agree with Tom, that fear got Bush re-elected. And he’s right that America has suffered apathy for far too long.

    But you can’t discount the fact that Obama was meant for greatness. HE pulled us out of our apathy and told us there was a better way, a path away from fear and division.

    His voice came at a time when America was ready to hear it. If anyone thinks that was ‘easy’, you only have to look at the election results. Over 57 million people still voted for McCain!

    The reaction to Obama’s victory around the world reminds me of the big global hug America got on 9/11. No one much wanted to hug us anymore after Bush further ruined our reputation around the globe.

    Hopefully, there will be a voice that speaks to the people of Trinidad too.

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