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The Perfect Day

Not perfect like you’re at the top of Kilimanjaro or you are scuba diving for the first time but perfect like the perfect burger or finding $20 in your pocket. This was a perfect day.

By exception I played hookie. I had a sub teacher in anyway ’cause I thought we were heading to the beach house early, there was no point telling her about my change of plans. So I got up, taught an excellent and highly patient 3 hours and by 10.15 I was in the car heading to the beach.  F and I seemed to slip though the rain drops as we dodged an impressively dark cloud only to land on a hot but breezy Maracas Beach. It was empty save for a few surfers taking lessons. I had never been on a weekday and this was simply gorgeous. Knowing everyone was at school scratching their heads made it all the sweeter. 


First, we had to get the BEST SANDWICH IN THE WORLD. This is a Shark ‘n Bake. It is a delicious fried bread stuffed with either shark, shrimp, cheese or just veggies. Coriander, garlic sauce, dressing, sliced pineapple and pineapple “chow” (spicy, garlic and sweet) top it all off. It is a speciality of Maracas beach and heaven in a bun.


I sipped a Green Sands Shandy nice and slow, while I watched the waves and thought about how I can never leave the Caribbean.  I had a good look at the beach, the palm trees and the fact that there was no one blocking my view.


There was some swimming, some jumping waves and some running with the dog. All this before 1pm on a Friday.


The sky turned gloomy and a cloud came to cover our spot, but still this was my perfect day and no rain was going to spoil it. 

There is nothing like sleeping under a tree, a warm breeze playing with your senses. There is nothing like swimming alone in the sea, not worrying about any renegade boobs falling out of bikini tops during a particularly high wave.  There is nothing like being dried by the sun. There is nothing like a warm shower to wash away the sand, a happy family dinner, movie night and fondant brownies to nibble. 

Sometimes perfection is in the little things.

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