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lessons learnt swimming at midnight

There are certain undeniable truths. Husbands always miss one thing on the shopping list, and champagne is always better in a bubble bath.

There are also deals made that are universal, like the one that says that because the woman gives birth, the guy always drives the babysitters. There is also the deal that says a  “wife shalt not be naked before men other than her beloved.”

Skinny dipping at midnight is one of the more pleasant experiences life has to offer.  Saturday late at a party the birthday boy jumped into the pool. It was all Boxer shorts and cannonballs. Then one by one everybody else was jumping in and this is where the boy/girl divide became apparent. G jumped in with all her clothes. So that was 1 out of 3 girls in. She looked happy but a tad uncomfortable in those wet jeans.


 I wanted desperately to go in but had some underwear issues. I couldn’t jump in with clothes because being wet in clothes is an abhorrent sensation. Hate it. 

But. No skinny dipping ( which was what I wanted to do.) Not nice for the hubby.  So I thought of a great plan. Underwear no bra. ( I had on a small strapless one. Would look very weird and plus my underwear wasn’t matching and it always has to match.) No. hubby not into that. (still weird). In the end I was all undies on and it was lovely.. Just skinny dipping … would have have been bliss.


Even swimming in undies, kickers, smalls, whatever,  is a problem. Pulling jeans over wet thighs and a wet pair of M&S’s finest ( in joke for the Brits, there) is not comfortable. I really I am very attached to my comfort. See no point whatsoever in being uncomfortable. So now I was going home in partially wet jeans and a totally see through top, wet bra shining through. Hair wet, raccoon with mascara and muddy feet. But so happy!


If your babysitter is also a student, you can’t really go home in sopping clothes, stumbling all tipsy and wonky.  They would either think I was really cool or they would lose respect for my authority. Hmmm.


Will find out soon enough.                                                                            


nightswimmingDidn’t look that good. Sadly.





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