A Trini Christmas #1

The scene in the Mall today was 100% Christmas spirit. No one was stressed or frantic or running or looking at lists or impatient. This Mall was full of Trini Christmas spirit. People dressed up, babies and children suitably polished, everything decorated, music, happy, happy people. Christmas is huge here. People paint their homes, buy new furniture, go to Parang Fetes where they can hear music specially composed and played for the season and generally have a ball. Everyone loves Christmas. Perhaps this is because everyone celebrates it. There are no cynical bah humbugs to be found.


And for those of you who are surprised by all this Christmas spirit in the heat..(yes, I too have always associated Christmas with the snow, or very cold)…let me quote a famous parang song:

“Trini Christmas is de best!”







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3 responses to “A Trini Christmas #1

  1. caryn ferguson

    Fantastic pictures!!!! Makes everything look beautiful!

  2. This is West Mall? i haven’t been there in months! It looks so happy!

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