2008. Some final observations.

Grisham cannot leave CSI. Not after Warrick.  It is like Dr. Green leaving ER. Another show bites the dust. 

Time off work is a blessing but only if you know it is a temporary and fiscally appropriate break.  Time off spent looking for work is not time off. It is painful and watching a loved one go through it is hard.

I have a fun new game. I watch TV ads to see signs of recession. My new favorite sign that things have gone awry are the McNugget ads. Served on an elegant banana leaf, McNuggets are the new pre dinner canape!


I recently watched the pilot of House and noticed that Cameron has black hair. By season 5 she is a blond. What does this mean?

My favorite new drink is a Ciroc and Portugal Martini. They will forever remind me of December in Trinidad. (A Portugal is like an orange but better, Freshly squeezed it is divine).

I have come to the conclusion that the definition of Cool is self confidence. Not giving a damn about anyone else or their opinions. Being Cool is being an individual and being proud of it.

I have learnt that living with less it very freeing. Sort of like a severe bikini wax. We just don’t need all that extra stuff.

You can learn a lot from a dog. They get that “finding a $20 note in your pocket” feeling every time they sniff on the beach. The world is a big candy shop to them. It is to us too. You just need to open your eyes. 

Never underestimate the power of kindness. It is like Christmas all year round.

I have learnt an extraordinary amount about the oil industry since moving here. I cannot believe that it can take 6 years from the moment a helicopter spots the zone and gas is finally extracted. Only 1 in 5 areas are actually successful extraction zones and millions of dollars are spent just looking for oil and gas. It is, in my opinion just as remarkable as going to the Moon. Drilling 7 miles beneath the crust of the earth is mind boggling. 

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly is the best book I read this year. The film inspired by the book is my best film of the year. Art is always the best defense.

Obama changed America’s self esteem. The US finally has hope and it is infectious. I am trying hard not be be smug and hate Republicans. It’s hard.

Children and students really only want one thing. To be listened to. Pay attention and self esteem will grow. It is what I want more than anything for my daughters.

I think we all love House because we live in hope that he is really not that mean. We want to believe that the right woman will change him and make him smile. But. Maybe he really is that mean. 

I have always feared getting older but I actually like my self more than I did a few years ago. Not so keen on the external aging factors. Vanity is alive and well.

I have started to love Trinidad. It is a complicated mixture of decadence and violence and I will never really understand it. I like being perplexed by this beautiful island.

My wish for 2009 is prosperity. Artistic, spiritual and financial. I have no idea where we’ll be in 7 months but I have decided to be optimistic. Attitude is everything.

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  1. Tyler Woods

    Cameron needed a color change after she changed jobs. My vote is Cuddy is the one for house. And the oil industry is pretty cool…

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