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10 wishes

January 1st was a miserable day. I have never been a big fan of the New Year. Rather than looking forward I seem to brood and look back. It is a day of uncertainty and worry for me and I tend to feel anxious rather than positive about what lies ahead. 2008 was an amazing year for me personally. I loved my job, I started a blog, I read an extraordinary amount, I felt creative and artistic and generally more comfortable with myself than I had ever felt. But for our family it was a difficult and uncertain year since it was the Year of Unemployment for the Handsome Man I Live With.

Now as I am facing 2009 I have no idea where, what, how we will be. I know that we will be leaving this sweet island on July 1st. That is it. Can you imagine havimg no idea where you will be in 6 months? 


For that reason I have only one resolution and that is to stay positive. And if I fail I will hide under my blankets until the moment passes. 


These are my wishes for 2009:


  1. Employment x2.
  2. To move somewhere warm, safe, inspiring that we can bring our dog.
  3. To write, photograph and create.
  4. To see my girls flourish and be happy and not be too sad or shattered by yet another move.
  5. To get all the cousins together and to hear them laugh.
  6. To live the adventure as a family and not let the stress get us down.
  7.  More Love, Sex, Laughter.
  8. Energy and Health.
  9. To keep a sense of Wonderment.
  10. Gentleness.

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