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Big 2009 Decisions

Back to school, back to real life. The problem with holidays is that towards the end I fear them ending. I can’t imagine ever going back to my real life and the hard routine of waking at 6 and dragging our selves through breakfast and into school. Day 2 and I am fully back in the swing. That alarm clock is evil, however.

Routine, discipline, getting out of the house, talking with other humans; these are all imperative to my sanity. The first few days of vacation are a blissful stream of hours spent doing nothing. Guilt free nothing. Three weeks later, guilt sets in and I am gnashing at the bit to get out.

On the 28th of January I am going to London to the International Teacher’s Job fair. (CIOS) I will be leaving my children with the capable handsome man I live with and my students in the hands of a sub. (They will not be happy).

The CIOS School fair takes place in a London hotel over 4 days. Interviews will be held and most applicants will be offered a job by the end of the fair.  I have picked London so I can visit family and enjoy some London culture and shopping at the same time! I have fantasies about a waiter, white table cloths and being served cold wine with a very good meal.

Out of the 102 schools attending the fair 35 are looking for English teachers and of those I would instantly rule out about 20 so here’s hoping I get an interesting offer from the other 15! The short list as it stands today is this:

Ghana (sounds amazing!)

UK (I have no IB experience so unlikely)

Paris (See above)

Amsterdam (see above)

San Francisco (would love it!)

Beijing (At first I ruled this out but then looking at the school it seems very interesting)

Jordan (not sure, maybe)

Egypt (the job is not really my profile but I would love Egypt.)

Laos (Very remote, but looks good.)

Oman (could be cool.)

Dubai (only if I really have to)


These are rejected:

Saudi Arabia (are you mad?)

Switzerland (snooty expensive boarding school)

Germany (not keen on living in Bavaria)

Malawi (A fundamentalist missionary school)

Ecuador (would love it but what would husband do there?)

Ukraine (too cold and Russian)

Kazakhstan (see above)


In case you are confused there are multiple jobs in many of the countries so the numbers do add up.

All will be revealed on February 2nd.  (I hope).

“The Future’s so bright I have to wear shades?”


I am running so fast I need to lose the heels?”


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