Help! I am drowning and I love it


I have no idea where we will be in 6   5 months, as I have mentioned on a few occasions. When I really feel like being good and stressed I start to think about my books.


I have a lot of books. Besides these book shelves which is just a snippet of the picture, I have boxes and boxes of books piled up in a storage room off the garage.


l1020528 l1020530



              l1020534    l10205322


I suppose that altogether I have well over a zillion books. ( I have never counted.) Should I think about selling the books, paying to store them or paying to ship them? What is the point of all these books? Is it time to let go? Has this woman never heard of a library! I am the sort of person who borrows a book from the library, then likes it so much that I have to go out and buy it. 


My books are my babies! I have carted them from London to Winnipeg, to Montreal and now to Trinidad. I am working on the “less possessions” is best theme but with my books and make up and shoes and clothes and jewelry and art and photo albums and kids momentos and trinkets and plates and pottery it is really hard.  ( And believe me, I am not a fan of clutter. I have already weeded out the unnecessary.) I think I might be able to part with my furniture. But that’s it.



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2 responses to “Help! I am drowning and I love it

  1. CelebrateCanada2010

    Having just re-discovered the joy of reading – I understand this well. I too have uncluttered my life in a few ways (not as much as I probably should) but I love my books. Now I am buying them like a maniac – if you have any recommendations, I am all ears. I’m glad that your books have taken over so many spaces around you…just think of all the lovely stories that you have ingested, and that have become a part of you.

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