London calling. Day 1.

I grew up in big, noisy capital cities. My life reads like the window of a smart shop, Johannesburg, London, Hong Kong, Tokyo, New York, Strasbourg, Montreal. Winnipeg sort of ruins the look of the window. Trinidad is too small and exotic to make the window and who knows what is next? I haven’t been to a big city since July and I fear I might feel a little like a country bumpkin as I tread the streets of London. Hopefully my “cured” but formally serious bout of materialism won’t come creeping back and hopefully I will ingest enough culture, good food and fabulous window shopping to last me another 6 months. I used to think it was not worth living any where if not the top of the world, the capital big smoke but I think I have changed my mind. Sometimes the noise of a big city drowns out the important noise inside my head. Having said that, put me in the country for more than 4 days and watch me go mad.

Expat life is a bit like living in a bubble. As I step out of the bubble for the next 10 days I am excited to see how I feel. Bumpkin or fabulous world wanderer coming home?

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  1. Firerocket

    I love expat life! And also, Hong Kong FTW!
    I’m going to London this coming May. It would be my second time. I really like it there, it never fails to remind me of home. I’ve never lived in anywhere else but large cities so, once I step out of the comfort zone of a city I get awkward. -_-
    Have fun in London! 🙂

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