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London calling. Day 2.

Time to get a coffee in Trinidad: 12 minutes.

Time to get a coffee at Pret a Manger, London: 30 seconds.

The shock continued as we approached Selfridges food hall. Some people think this is simply a place to purchase fine food. They are wrong. What it is, in fact, is Food Porn. I walked about with open mouth, drool dripping on the fine polished marble, smudging the glass encased food displays, wanting, wanting, wanting…


Was it always this amazing? I am just seeing it with new eyes?


Cheese counter. (swoon.)

When I thought the sight of food couldn’t get much more exciting, the porn was yet to continue as I stepped down a small flight of stairs into the candy section. Or perhaps it was just a movie set? A simulation of sugar coated fancy simply set up to drive me crazy. But then I was offered a sample. Samples are one of the delights of shopping in Selfridges. Gladly I took one and then another, especially since the box to purchase said pink balls of bliss was $30. For a small box. I kid you not.


See those pink balls? (yum.)

I then pranced about on a small sugar high twirling my magic wand in the direction of $400 sunglasses. After a pleasant half an hour of pretending I was part of “lifestyles of the rich and famous” the sound of my wallet crying in my handbag pulled me to my senses. When I woke up I was standing on the street looking bewildered.

Money spent in reality: negligible.

Money spent in my dreams: obscene.

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