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Feathers, twinkles and ear plugs

Let me introduce to you the Carnival costume that I will Not be wearing on Monday and Tuesday.


And just in case you are curious, I won’t be wearing this one either.



Carnival has come around again. This time last year we were heading off to Bequia but this time we are staying put. However, I am still not keen on adorning myself in feathers and sequins and rubbing myself all over strange men, and I don’t like Rum and I don’t have ear plugs deep enough to drown out the loud Soca and I just am not into the whole gyrating in a bikini for two days sort of thang. Call me mad, and many do, but I am going to stand on the sidelines and photograph the event and report back to you here. The convenient thing about being a photographer is that I am secure in my position of Observer.
I did manage to get in my own little Fete at school where some well known Soca stars came over to jump up and down on the stage and cause the little ‘uns to put fingers in their ears and the big ‘uns to go crazy for some guy called Kes who is apparently SO HOT. Even the teachers were shaking hips and waving bandanas and generally having a great time. It was a truly Trini School event.



The following day was Jump Up which means the whole school danced in a field to loud music and drummed up Carnival spirit in anticipation of the Carnival break. Each Elementary and Middle school class had its own band which involved sparkles and face paint, blue bodies, fairy wings and in some occasions, silver high heeled boots.



We were also lucky enough to have a member of Kiddie Carnival which is when children get professionally dolled up in extraordinary costumes.  





Carnival kicks of Sunday evening with J’ouvert ( from the French, J’ouvert, which means, I open.) and that is an all night, paint splattering kind of event. Monday morning is the first day to go “chippin'” down the road but Tuesday is the Main Event when all the bands will be judged for smallest, sparkliest and most exquisite costumes.

I will be there, camera in hand, but the only sparkle I will wear will be my new silver sparkle eyeliner.

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