Up on my soapbox

Rudeness. This is going to be a written rampage against it. If people were more polite and thoughtful the world would indeed be a much happier place and everybody would look and feel a whole less grim. So here is my diatribe.

Item 1: On the plane returning from London the drunken Scots behind me spoke much too loudly and persisted in punching hard knees into my soft back. Was he not aware that there was a fair maiden trying to sleep mere inches from his sharp knees? Did he really believe that his knees were more important than said fair maiden?

Item 2: At the end of the day my class room is littered with litter. Tissues, Tupperware, juice boxes, shredded paper, sweaters and half drunken cups of sticky fruit punch. Who do they think will clean up this mess?

Item 3: Drivers who cut in, instead of waiting in the long line of annoying traffic, like the rest of us.  Do they really think they are more important than the rest of us? Who made them more important than me and where was I when the voting happened?

Item 4: Man walking in front of me drops his potato crisps packet on the ground. The sense of entitlement is extraordinary. He just believes that there is some magical person behind him lurking with a broom. Lucky him! The rest of us just need to pick up our own mess.

Item 5:  People who do not reply to an email are rude. I made a New Year’s resolution for 2007 that I would respond to all my emails and facebook messages with 24 hours. This is one of the only resolutions I have ever kept and now I am rude for being on my laptop all the time. Really!

Item 6: Speaking of facebook; it is really rude to put up a photo of someone that might be incriminating or unflattering without asking permission. Teenagers, especially, need to think about this one.

Item 7: Forgetting or failing to say please and thank you, failing to exhibit any table manners and generally behaving like Manners are not required. I personally think that Manners are really cool.

Item 8: Who are the people who stick gum under desks? I have no idea who these people are or who their parents are.

Item 9: Children never see that telephone attached to my ear. They talk to me like I am as free as a bird and not talking to someone on the phone. I suppose they think I am being rude for not giving them my undivided attention every single second.

Item 10: In September 2004 my house was robbed. A person threw a rock through my kitchen window, opened the door, walked in and took my computer, camera and all my jewelry from inside my underwear drawer. There are no words to describe how rude this is.



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  1. robert

    hate to tell ya but the vast vast vast majority of people in this world think only of themselves and will not make any sacrifices to their comfort level for the better of the general public or the planet we live on……i observe this all the time, no matter where i happen to be

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