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In search of the DODO brain.


Where is my brain? Will somebody please tell me. I recently got home from a party, where at the moment of my departure an acquaintance asked for a lift home. 

“Of course,” I said. “We are leaving right now.”

We then promptly got into the car, drove off and completely forgot about her.


The other day I asked my rather helpful daughter to please fetch me the lime juice from the fridge. In her usual and not at all grumpy voice, she said “where in the fridge?”

“In the window”. I replied.  


Then I asked my other fair daughter, the one sitting on the sofa eating crisps if she wouldn’t prefer “eating your chips with the chips?”


I am keen to blame it on the sheer quantity of information that comes into my brain everyday, some wanted, some not so much, from the media, tv, blogs. students, kids….

However when I compare my self with a big brain over there in Harvard fusing atoms, I don’t think my consumption of information is really that taxing. 


So I wonder if it is early onset of some awful degenerative brain disease but I normally dismiss that thought because I am not neurotic, nor morbid and I am, on the most part, a positive person.


Finally I come to the conclusion that I am either not paying attention or I am getting a tad bit short of brain cells, especially since my supply has been around for close to 40 years.  Now. I can either buy a Nintendo in a pretty shade of black ( I could never borrow my daughter’s) and do those brain teaser games, or I can start figuring out why I am such a dodo head these days, perk up and start to pay attention! I fear it is the former and I will need click purchase on Amazon shortly.




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