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Doubling on Doubles

A student of mine came back from Paris where she had been celebrating the holidays with her French family. As a joke, and it probably slipped out, I have quite forgotten, I said “Oh you must bring me chocolates!” And she did! Delicious ones from Rue du Pigalle, in a sweet little box with a label. My taste buds wake up every time I have one. (they are small.) The taste is deep and dark and tart but sweet. You can taste sour cherry and dark cocoa and caramel made by hand with slightly burnt sugar. The food in Trinidad is flavourful, very, but a very different kind. Here the spices make the food sharp and high and your tongue gets ever so slightly burnt. These chocolates reminded me that my tongue has different areas, long ignored.


I love Doubles. They are the quintessential street food, cheap, quick and delicious. As I have mentioned, and they are still on my mind, they are a sort of fried dough filled with a sort of chick pea mixture. They taste a whole lot better than they sound. I won’t show pictures because they taste a whole lot better than they look. They are messy to eat and take some practice and there are 3 ways of eating them, regular, slight and plenty. Regular is soft and tasty but a little bland, slight is peppery but not too painful and plenty is hot and pulls the hair out of your nose. I had recently graduated to Slight and weeks ago I accidently ate a Plenty,  feeling rather proud of my self. This from a person who ate spaghetti the length and breadth of India. As you know by now, I can’t eat Doubles, but all I am doing is dreaming about them. Dreaming and blogging. Can you tell that I have Doubles on my mind?

Here is a picture of the Doubles man. His name is George and he works beside another Doubles stand, called Georges Ex. Yup, that is right. George and his Ex split up and she went and opened a Doubles stand right next to him. Divorce Trini Style.






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