The final word.

Ok, I swear this is the last mention of the birthday. I had a great time, a lot was drank, people laughed, and I had the greatest compliment of all.

This is how it went down in English class.

“Happy Birthday, Miss!”

“Thank you,”I said, smiling that they had remembered.

“How old are you”

“Ah. You don’t ask a lady that!”

And then they started, as I sat there, laughing inwardly.

“Let’s try and guess, I think maybe 34.”

“I think somewhere around there. Maybe 32”

“Well I think she is not more than 36. for sure.”

And then it happened.

“Don’t worry Miss! You’re not old until you’re 40!”


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2 responses to “The final word.

  1. twoods158

    Oh…wow. That would be uncomfortable. Of course, that sounds just like our English class. I can only guess who said it.

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