What is the definition of Kitsch? It is one of my favorite words and one that I take to mean that the object is so far out of fashion that it is cutting edge in. It has crossed a borderline of taste that is so far out there, it is on the way back. That is how Retro becomes so trendy. I am staying in a house that has not been touched since circa 1974. This home is being rented by our good friends and the owner lives in Ottawa. I am not certain that she comes here very often, and if she does she certainly doesn’t use her time purging old furniture, clothes or trinkets. Come July the Christmas wreath still hangs above the fireplace and ball dresses from the 60’s hang for the moths in the closet.  What I love and find terribly amusing is how much of a time warp this place is. I call it the Brady Bunch house, and can easily imagine Florence in the kitchen fiddling with the mug tree or cleaning the floral plastic table cloth. There are two card tables in the living room and judging by the vibe that lingers in these walls I am convinced there was some happy partying in this house.


Maybe even a key party or two.











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2 responses to “Kitschiness

  1. robert

    love that toaster

  2. CelebrateCanada2010

    I adore the clock….something about that wood grain just gets me. xo H

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