Dock Notes


Notes from a dock.


I am not one of those women who get up before the rest of the house to make French toast and warm fresh scones. I am not one of those ultra patient earth mothers who has 6 children and still has time and patience left over to run the summer play on the lake. I am not one of those mothers who devotes her entire life to feeding her family. I am not one of those women who always has snacks and juice and kleenex in her deep deep bag. However, I am in awe of those women who brandish their toilet pump in one hand and spatula in the other. I stare at mothers with infinite patience as if at a higher species from the planet “I am Mother, hear me Roar.”


Lying on a dock is an experience in self contemplation.  Between bouts of sneezing ( allergies) and regret at being a cold water wimp there is time to stare at the sky, the still smooth lake and the gentle curves of the hills, and in these moments the mind may travel. Back to the collection of mothers I encountered at the charming summer camp on the lake, all of whom had remembered towels for their children while I was still bleary eyed and grumpy from waking up before 9am. My poor cold children, towel-less and dripping were learning the hard way what it means to be Canadian. There is a posse of teens on the dock as I type and where is that super mom with the fresh baked cookies for the hungry wet swimmers?


Some women make mothering a profession while I stand back and wait for the moments when I want to draw my brood near for moral sustenance and a glimpse of good art or literature. I think it is amusing that part of me really wants to be one of those Betty Crocker Moms but I just can’t drag myself into the kitchen to make the leap. 


My sweet but snappy eldest, somewhat like a charming garden turtle, has fallen for the lake hunk. While her eyes boggle at the sight of him and her smile shyly shows her crush, I step back and let them swim and splash and feel the joy of a sunny day on a Canadian lake. For these are the days memories are made of. Better that I don’t disturb them with warm fresh cookies.


Don’t you think?











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2 responses to “Dock Notes

  1. veronica baruffati

    hey samantha, ’twas great to meet you and francois: short and sweet. have a wonderful birthday gathering this weekend with friends….hopefully under blue skies and in warm temperatures! if you’d like to get together for a cafe one morning in montreal give me a buzz @ 514.891.2666 or 819.323.3181. otherwise, see you anon. veronica

  2. MaryAnn Harrison

    Don’t worry about the cookies. One day, when they have enough life experience, they will read your warm and truthful writings, accompanied by tender photos and know you are a mother who loves them and a strong woman with a voice.

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