Dock Notes. #2

Three girls go to a sailing race today.


There is a father here who refuses his daughters the joy of sailing with friends, for their objective is to win the race and the companionship of others will simply weigh down the boat and detour from his aim. His daughters cannot speak to boys, swim for fun or enjoy a silly game of tennis. Everything they do is to please their father’s manic obsession with success. It has led me to wonder about the purpose of entering into any activity at all. I appreciate the desire to compete and succeed and I understand the value in passing on ambition to our children. But still.


Imagine that a person loves to write, to paint, perhaps to sing or photograph. Imagine that these pursuits give the person much pleasure. Now consider that the individual is not talented in any of these activities, maybe not able to win competitions, get published or even perform. Does that eventually diminish the pleasure? Perhaps if we set our sights too far beyond the realm of creation and push them into the success and appreciation by others the pleasure of a fine day painting will be lost. Does something have to be read, purchased or applauded for it to be real?  Does my daughter have to win the sailing regatta in order to enjoy it?

I hope not.

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  1. jane

    Amen Sister! Was that an American dad?:)

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