Jolly England before the Skies of Africa

Oh jolly England. Only not so jolly all the time. Yes the weather was a rare spectacular breed of sunny and yes I went to a spa, and watched cousins love and laugh but London was too crowded, too expensive and simply too much. As I prepare to leave for Uganda tomorrow I reflect on this crazy summer of living out of suitcases and hopping from house to house and I know that I need to fix the summer habit of being a part time  nomad. Tomorrow I will leave the crazy materialistic first world behind and embark on a new undiscovered adventure. 3limes will be there all the way, once we find the internet and dust off our culture shock. 


London was Pimms outside in the sun, black swans and large tourists squeezed onto red buses. London was special sister time and fabulous food. London was loud with pockets of tranquility amidst the sparkling white of a tennis club ( where I played no tennis at all, just drank the Pimms.) England was also a crazy journey to scatter my Granny’s ashes and plant a rose bush on private land without being caught, Peter Pan dancing in the air and a walk on a very English beach. There were also amazing reunions with old friends.


Here below are some photographic snippits of the past 10 days. Enjoy as the next photos will be a most different breed of exotic.


I will see you in Africa.


















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One response to “Jolly England before the Skies of Africa

  1. caryn ferguson

    I cant wait to read about africa…. i wish you, jo, and the girls all the best. My thoughts are always with you. I miss your friendship dearly!!! sad face we are so far away from each other.

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