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The warmth of Uganda vs the crunch of a roach


The walk to school along the red dusty road was like being thrown right into the African pot. Children in dusty faded colours were running around after their mothers, playing with rocks and small pieces of wood. Women were peeling giant bananas or cooking over a small flame and men sat sewing or fixing in front of tiny huts that looked like a swift wind could knock over. We decided to ask a driver to take us around for a few hours and the first stop was a mall where we could get some groceries, mosquito nets and cell phones. To my glee we stumbled across a fabulous coffee shop called Africa Coffee that made a fine Latte. There is nothing like a good coffee to lift the spirits. Then we got our new phones without a glitch and moved onto the supermarket. Before leaving I had made a fun list of items that I doubted we would find. To my surprise and relief I discovered a well stocked and highly comprehensive store. Everything from El Paso Salsa to Lindt chocolate was available ( at a price) and the store also stocked  lots of appliances from microwaves to BBQs, cheap shoes, buckets and brooms. With a spring in our step and a depleted wallet we headed out to so some apartment hunting. The first place we really liked, not a palace but defiantly place we could make home. Unfortunately the cost of rent is steep and I am trying to figure out how much room there is for negotiation. 


We have been welcomed into people’s homes, greeted with smiles and generally felt the warmth of Uganda every where we’ve been. Once we have a home to call our own I know that we will make a good life here.


By the way in the battle of the roaches the score after 3 days is 15. We are winning the war but the crunch is certainly unpleasant. 

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