Finally a photographic glimpse.

Here are a few photos taken on my work to work.



The wall on the left with the barbed wire is the school wall. Behind those walls is a very large compound with classrooms, buildings, pool and other delights found in a place of learning.



On the left you can see mud huts, on the right a typical Boda Boda driver.



This is what lies behind those walls. Notice the view of Kampala in the distance.




This is the scene we walk past daily. 



This is the oasis, otherwise known as the country club where we go to relax and wash off the red dust.

And now off to a meeting. Yipee.


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3 responses to “Finally a photographic glimpse.

  1. Craigy

    Loving the updates! Hi to all.

  2. twoods158

    Miss Uganda looks amazing! It’s like Trinidad but even more rural. I know the experiences you’re going to have there will be amazing and life-changing!

  3. eddmah

    Yes, and that school certainly looks prettier than ISPS!

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