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Thankgoodness for Luke.

School starts tomorrow!

I have yet to meet all my new students (all 90 of them!) but I have had a glimpse at their names and nationalities. In Trinidad, apart from a few exceptions, my students could be divided into two groups, Trini and American. Here it looks like a mini United Nations. I have students from Sudan, Italy, Kenya, Sweden and Denmark. I also have people from Brazil, Israel, India, Eritrea and Sri Lanka. And I must mention the few from Iceland, Madagascar Afghanistan and Thailand. Did I mention Egypt, Tanzania, Canada and of course Uganda?

Having such a diverse group of kids leads to one tricky issue: how to pronounce all those names. I will be rolling my tongue over quite an interesting selection of names. I thought you might like to read a few of the particularly rare ones.

So we have a Farshad, a Nandie and a Kasun. A Balsam , Deshin and Ananditha.

Sachi, Karan, Komireddy, Siddarth, Anab, Sukruth, Shubhi, Lindes, Siyan, Auet, Eyllaf, Awien, Yash and Niamh.

Thank goodness for Luke and Ian!

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