Gout, riots and lice. Really?

We have started week 3! Already! Half way through September, we are already starting to plan our half term safari trip.

I have never met a set of better behaved children. The students I teach are all respectful, polite and attentive. There is only one class renown for their big personalities and rowdy tendencies and of course that is my homeroom. (I like it like that!)

Friday I gave my first set of spelling and vocabulary tests. Now that I am teaching the younger years I have implemented the old fashion system of testing.

Best definition for Gout: A disease caught from eating goat.

Best definition for Aquiline: To acquire something by pulling on a line

Best definition for Wince: A very small place.

There is one young chap in year 7 who, when asked to go home and find definitions for the vocabulary words, took it upon himself to make up his own definitions. The above are the results of his ingenuity.

While I was calling out the words for the year 9 spelling test I realized that anyone with a dirty mind might find these words better suited to the set of a porno flick than an English classroom. Lacerating, Abrasive, Desperate, Submissive, Whips, Thrust, Extraordinary Dramatic.

Oh dear.

Many of you may have heard that there were riots in Kampala over the weekend. This is true. Sadly 14 people died during the violent outbreaks and when we woke up Saturday morning the road near our home was littered with the remains of burnt tires. So what was it all about? The King of Buganda was meant to visit part of his Kingdom on Saturday, but it is a contentious place as some argue that it doesn’t really lie within the borders of his Kingdom. When it was suggested by some members of the government that he should not pay this corner of Uganda a visit, riots ensued. Many people were angered by the politicians involvement in what was really a Tribal affair. In the end the visit was cancelled and the rioters calmed down. The main effect that the disturbance had on my life is that my classes dwindled down to almost nothing by Friday after lunch. Worried parents pulled their children out of school in response to advice that it was preferable to remain at home and off the streets. One student’s father had his car torched. We were all a little nervous driving home but we didn’t see anything. During the evening we heard gun shots, but they were probably warning shots fired by the police.

To be truthful I was far more affected by our own little rioters crawling over the scalps of Trooper and Princess. Yes. Lice.

The battle lasted two whole days, the weapons; poison in a bottle and multiple combings.

I think we have won.

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