Market Day

I finally got out with my camera this weekend and I explored the market near our home. Some people were very nervous about the camera, some suspicious and concerned about my intentions, but many were intrigued by the camera and happy to oblige. The morning was not only spent photographing but also talking to people and seeing them in a whole new light. I have promised to take some photos back next week for them to keep. I imagine there are a number of people there who have never owned a photograph of themselves.







market lady


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5 responses to “Market Day

  1. eddmah

    I kept checking everyday for the last week to see something new. Glad to see the pictures now! By the way, Happy Birthday to my blog!

  2. What beautiful pictures. I am sure your subjects will be proud to have a copy of your pictures. Your market is a very colorful place. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Teresa

    these articles are so touchy and the pictures are putting holes in meee! i miss you.

    put the pic of the butcher on flickr. that picture is excellent . i love it

  4. Meg

    I just stumbled upon your site, but had to comment. I have spent the past seven years, part-time, living in Uganda and your photos capture daily life better than any I have ever seen! There is so much within these photos that words alone cannot describe.

  5. caryn ferguson

    Just caught up on all your blogs. you are doing an amazing job! Your pictures are incredible. I cannot believe that is what you see every day. Thank you so much for writing, I feel as though as I am seeing these things and people with you. They even have maggi down there……who would of thunk. Please continue the great work. From reading your comments, you have touched more people than you realise. I’m very proud of you!! Miss you tons.

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