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A chicken, some cows and a very loud disco.

A few more photos, this time various examples of what I see every day.

photoclub 046

This is Ugandan refrigeration. You buy the chicken and kill it when you are ready to eat.

photoclub 005

A small village on the banks of Lake Victoria. The lake is only 30 mins from the centre of Kampala.

photoclub 022

This is the disco which lies directly in front of my front gate. The sounds emanating from this establishment have cost me many hours of precious sleep.

photoclub 001

This photograph was taken right in front of my gate. These cows are just about to walk past the disco in the previous photo. They are a very nonplussed type of animal. Check out the one behind the leader. I think he wanted to smile.

photoclub 045

Signs hanging in front of a small general store.

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