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Watch out Boda men!

I have been driving the Beast! It is a pretty hairy experience driving in Kampala, more like an adrenaline filled video game than a mere drive to the store for milk. From both sides Bodas appear with pedestrians and bikes about to topple under the strain of carrying too much charcoal. Out of the blue a bike with sugar cane strapped horizontally across the back will weave between cars and appear in front of me, and just as I swerve to avoid him, I look to my left and see two small children crossing the road. People do not follow rules. There is no zebra crossing or plans to overtake only on the left. It is mayhem, madness and anarchy.

So while I may no longer be riding the Bodas I am still very much aware of their existance.  Watch out Boda man, the Beast is near.

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