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Counting days

If I haven’t written as much as usual it is because I feel it is necessary to find something cheerful to write about, amusing perhaps or maybe simply anecdotal. Seeing as though I spend most days either tucked away in my classroom trying hard to get 11 year olds or even 13 year olds (can you believe?) to use a capital letter after a full stop, and then driving along the highway passed decaying cow horns back home to spend the evening with one grumpy Trooper and one Princess hyped up on her imminent appearance in Grease next week, I haven’t felt particularly inspired.  The swelling from the nasty bites caught during last week’s visit to the very Hairy Lemon has subsided due to heavy doses of steroids and enough anti-histamines to put an elephant to sleep, and those little pills coupled with a glass of wine or two send me into a post Entourage Dvd stupor.

I am counting the days until we leave on our much anticipated vacation. On December 13th we will finally set off in search of Hippos, Lions, and Elephants; in short we are heading on Safari for 5 nights. Every time I think about this road trip, with just our little family, I feel little butterfly flutters of excitement bouncing around the walls of my belly. I am just so excited.

Yet, there are still 7 days of school that remain, two drama performances, ( including the aforementioned Grease), a dance to chaperone and 120 projects to mark. On a more sociable note we have an art exhibit, a Christmas party, a dinner party and another little event so I know time will just fly by. Before I know it we will be packed up, in the Beast and heading West to the border of Congo.

Term one is nearly over.


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