Lovely star

Yesterday Princess turned 10 and the Bloggie nominations were announced.

How was I to know that while I was munching on some Chinese Eggplant with ginger and telling the story of a little girl that was born on an ice cold day 10 years ago, over in cyber space 3limes was enjoying a momentous moment of its own?

This morning I woke up to a piece of most splendid news. 3limes has been nominated for a Bloggie!

Despite the fact that 3limes has now jumped over an ocean and a lot of land to plant itself in Uganda the nomination is in the category of Best Latin American Blog (for all my Trinidad posts). Maybe one day 3limes will be listed under best African Blog but in the meantime….if you are a fan please take a minute and vote.

You can vote each and every day until January 31st.
If you want to step back in time and visit Trinidad have a look here and here and here .

The day is smiling.


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5 responses to “Lovely star

  1. zed

    Congratulations! I nominated you for the best African blog but the Twat said that you were based in Trinidad. I think I read this blog more than he ever does – obviously!

    • 3limes

      Thanks SO much! Well there is still a lot of Trinidad to celebrate in the blog. Maybe I will be on the Africa list next year. Who knows? Congrats to you too. You deserve it. Well done!

  2. angela

    for an awesome nomination wherever you are;)
    i voted:0 and will and will and will:))

  3. Terri

    Got the link from the Bloggie email and am really enjoying reading your story. I’ve never moved beyond the state where I was born and admire your intrepid spirit. And your writing.

  4. Lindie

    I found your blog on the Bloggies site. I love reading blogs from different parts of the world, learning how people live is always interesting. Writers of blogs, in my opinion, are not the type to contemplate their navels! They write about their lives and the areas they live in and in doing so, enrich my life. Thank you

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