Where are all the hours?

There are not enough hours in the day. I have two Oprah’s to read ( YES! All the way from the Great Shiny West.) I have a New Yorker to read, a rare pleasure that allows to me to read new fiction and read movie and theatre reviews of plays and movies I will never see ( frustration is bitter sweet), I have a number of new novels on my shelf waiting to be read, I have photos to take, new blogs to read, marking to do ( oh endless marking, why do I give homework? Because I must.) I have daughters to talk to, meals to cook, a top to sew ( yes, I know, I do not sew but how hard can it be to shorten some straps and it is a worthy challenge), I have emails and facebook messages to respond to and friends to Skype.

I have writing to do, lessons to plan and holidays to plan. I must cream my poor peeling chest where rather too much sun hit last weekend. ( Stupid, yes I know. Yes, I should know better. Sorry. Slap.) I need to sit and contemplate the new look I am going to give 3limes. I think she needs a little makeover, don’t you?

But right now I have a crisp green apple, cut into slices and smothered with Boursin to enjoy. There is cold white wine with sunshine dancing in the glass. Delicacies can be found here if you open your eyes, visit many grocery stores and hope.

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  1. eddmah

    I tell my mom that all the time. “There should be 30 hours in a day. And none off the added 6 are for school or additional homework!”

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