Scenes from a car window

Please note the Obama grocery. These is also an Obama hairdresser, Obama mechanic, Obama restaurant and Obama shop.

This is a fruit  and veg shop. Works quite well, I think, despite the lack of fruit and veg.

This little boy called me a Mzungu, and all his little brothers and sisters behind him are coming to call me Mzungu too. Note the wire ring he is holding. This is an excellent toy, providing hours of fun spinning and running after it.

This boy has a made a cool toy. It is a white box attached to some string. These kids have such fun with stuff they make out of objects left lying around.

I am trying to read the expression on her face, not sure what she thinks of me and my camera.


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2 responses to “Scenes from a car window

  1. Hum, I believe I live close to the Obama Restaurant….And by the way, don’t forget all the ”yes we can, Obama” matatus out there 😉

  2. I don’t think she is impressed. But I’m just guessing…

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