Walking with my camera

On the way to Sipi falls we passed through Graduation day at the nearby Islamic University. Proud graduates in gaudy outfits that peeped out from beneath their gowns were having their photos taken in portable photo booths resplendent in shiny back drop, flowers and tacky signage. Photographers were plying their trade by showing framed protratits of previous graduates to anyone of the hundred or so people that walked past. It was a colorful and busy scene and I felt like an observer to a totally foreign world.

The chasm between our world and theirs is wide. It can be heartbreaking to walk past such poverty and to repeatedly hear the appeals for sweets or money, to see young boys whose trousers are more holes than anything, whose shoes are broken plastic. By virtue of necessity our hearts form a thicker layer as we pass their mud huts where they tend chickens and goats or carry firewood to cook their one meal of the day. We live here so we cannot afford to be sad everyday, and we cannot fall into the trap of handing out shillings to each and every child. It is complicated; this us and them reality is something I face every day.

It felt like Chameleon weekend at times. In total Princess asked me 6 times if we could take “just this one” home and keep it as a pet.

Have I mentioned how pretty it was?

Like water nymphs, they frolicked in the spray.


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9 responses to “Walking with my camera

  1. The waterfall and trees looked amazing. I’ve never been over there before, but I can only imagine how you guys feel walking pass young children who are in desperate need. When I first studied in Mexico I consistenly saw little children singing and dancing for money; their parents would be right around the corner waiting for them to get money so they could eat for the next day. It’s just so sad because you want to help everyone, but you can’t.

    Thanks for sharing the experience..

  2. These pics are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  3. 3limes

    Thanks for your comments, Much appreciated.

  4. sinbalas

    Hello, very nice capture of the photos, my favorite is the fourth

  5. dggass

    Wonderful pictures and blog

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