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10 things you might not know

Some things you might not realize about Uganda:

  1. Men frequently hold hands with each other.
  2. This does not mean they are gay. In fact homosexuality is an offense punishable by a life in prison.
  3. Aids is rampant but it is really a middle class disease. They were many wild parties back in the 80’s among the monied classes and the price is still being paid today.
  4. Museveni, the President of Uganda, has been in power for 24 years. He holds a firm grip on this position and the 2011 elections will be very interesting to watch.
  5. It is almost impossible to run a business here without some slipping of notes under the table.
  6. There is no govt. run garbage collection. Garbage is dumped on the side of the road for the cows and the Marabou storks to peck at.
  7. There are billboards all over the place persuading people to get off the Sexual Network as a means of preventing AIDS. An extra marital lover is called a “side dish.”
  8. People here are Premier League soccer fanatics and even in the remotest village, games are shown in town halls. 30 million people know who Rooney is.
  9. Warangi is the local liquor. It is made of banana, sorghum or millet malt and people have been known to go blind from the strong, unregulated stuff.
  10. Prostitution is rife here and the lives of these young sex workers is miserable. A session with a girl costs as little as 2000 UGSH ( which is $1.)


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