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A man walked into a bank…

I had the most remarkable experience in a bank.

My handsome husband has done a very brave thing and faced down the terrifying face of Ugandan bureaucracy. He has opened his own business and it has been registered by the Republic if Uganda. Are you impressed yet?

In order to do the above, a large amount of research and driving around had to be accomplished, a lawyer of fine standing and hopeful efficiency had to be found and money had to change hands. He also had to open a bank account. It was this final part that was proving the most frightening to us and we had the night sweats just thinking about the paper work, the potential broken photocopiers, the refusal on some grounds that we had ever considered, all in all we were worried. We even set aside an entire morning to complete the act. I had to go along as my signature was needed.

We walked into the bank and directly into the managers office. We sat down and placed a large manilla folder on the desk. The manager looked at us, skeptically and began to sort out the papers that we pulled out and placed in front of him. Every few moments he would say

“ Ahh I don’t see the …..”

And we would reach out our finger and point it out to him. Every time he asked for a document, photo, passport or any thing he could think of, we handed it to him.

Finally, and only 15 minutes after entering the bank he handed us our paper work and shook his head.

“Never in all my years have I seen someone come with everything. Everything!   Amazing.”  He shook his head with surprise.

And I replied. “This has been the most efficient experience in our lives in Uganda. Thank you sir.”

I think now and again it is good practice to celebrate the things that work and the times when it all goes just to plan. After all, wherever you are, it is such a rare thing.

It would have taken longer in Montreal. No doubt.


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