The little blog that could.


I am hopping up and down. Nearly spilt my coffee.

Next year : AFRICA!!!

Thank you so much for voting!


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7 responses to “The little blog that could.

  1. angela

    a gold in hockey…14 gold medals…and now this????

    way to go samantha;)))
    you absolutely deserve it:)

  2. 3limes

    Thanks so much. Finding this out after the amazing Canadian Achievement was just like a big cherry on the cake!

  3. Well done Samantha. Very proud of you! Have blogged about it on Not For Squares.

  4. Joyce

    Hi Samantha — I’ve been reading for a quite a while now, ever since my sister Jane R. told me about 3limes. I’m so thrilled you won a Bloggie — much deserved. I’m enjoying your Africa posts and photos immensely … sure you’ll be picking up your second “gold” next year! — Best, Joyce

  5. eddmah

    Really fabuolous!

  6. Heide

    So pleased that you won! I was voting and hoping that you would be rewarded for your wonderful work. Congratulations you brilliant babe you!

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