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Welcome to the Mish Mash

I don’t know if I have writers block or if I am shy after winning the Bloggie but I don’t seem to be able to sit and write. Maybe I am just so busy with work, my online IB course, reading Brick Lane by Monica Ali…I don’t know. However, I have a resolution and a promise to myself to write at least twice a week and this I must do.

The weather is very strange here at the moment. It is either blisteringly hot and I look like a shiny frizz ball by the end of a day teaching in the sauna I call my class room; or it is lovely and cool and I can enjoy the rare pleasure of wearing sleeves to work.

I saw two American films in a row and that helped somewhat to satiate my desire for all things from the Great Shiny West. The first, Up in The Air with George Clooney is an Oscar nominated film and the first of the nominated films that I want to see before the Oscars. To see a movie here one has three choices.

1) Go to the Cinema.

2) Watch DSTV (the cable television here.)

3) Drive to Kisimenti and buy a Pirated DVD for $2.50

We almost always choose option 3 considering that we don’t have DSTV and the choices at the Cinema often leave much to be desired.

George C was great in this movie and I thoroughly enjoyed the bitter sweet charm of this little film. I think side by side with Avatar, this would be my choice. After all, unlike that movie with the blue people, it does have a good script, interesting and compelling characters and it adheres to my kind of film making; the sort where the craft of a human actor is more important than that of a computer.

The second slice of Americana was doled out at the cinema when we went to see Valentine’s Day. Although this was no master piece, it was the perfect bit of distracting movie fluff for a rainy Kampala Sunday afternoon. I swooned over the sight of LA in February and I had to shake my head with disbelief when I returned to the world of a rain drenched African city once we left the cinema.

In other riveting news I had a hilarious teacher time conveying the importance of the Semi Colon in this week’s grammar class thanks to this guy. I hate grammar and any chance to make it amusing and keep those heads off those desks makes my day. I did briefly wonder if my chosen profession was indeed correct during a recent spelling and vocabulary test when these answers were returned.

Purged: The sound a kitten makes to show how it is feeling.

Idle: Jay Z is my idle.

I didn’t know whether to smile at the ingenious use of imagination or despair at the lack of learning.

Rehearsals are in full swing for the Sound of Music and I hear Princess belting out “Doe a Deer” from the shower most evenings.  Meanwhile Trooper is consumed with the science fair that is rapidly approaching on Friday. (The topic of the project is The Heart.)  Handsome Husband, when he is not pulling strings and miracles out of hats while starting his business, is on the hunt for a cow heart, or two, which will be sliced open after school during the fair.   Did I mention that Trooper is a vegetarian?

And finally when I lay my head upon my pillow at night I dream of pavements and duty free shopping.

Whatever does this mean?

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