Back to the beach, at last.

3limes is heading to the beach. Not since July 2009 have we dipped our tootsies in the ocean; back then the Caribbean Sea and now it is the Indian Ocean that awaits. The map above shows the tiny dot of an island where we will be spending the next 9 days. It is called Lamu and is in Kenya, but is an island off the main land. It is tiny, has only 10 cars and has retained its Swahili culture that now lives side by side with a flock of European tourists. There is one very small hotel so most people rent villas, as we will be doing  along with my family from London who are flying in to join us there.

Does it seem like we are always on holiday? Someone commented that I do write about travels a fair bit. From my side I couldn’t be more ready for a break from the classroom, the shoe box and dusty Kampala. I am ready for the beach; I am aching for it.  After two years of seeing the sea daily in Trinidad I am stifled in a land locked country and long for the sea every day.

I promise to return with photos and tales.

“Till then…


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3 responses to “Back to the beach, at last.

  1. Samantha — The Reingold family, pre-Jane’s joyous birth, vacationed in Lamu in the ’60s. It was a very beautiful and special place. I hope that is what you find. Hope you’ll post some pictures. — Joyce

  2. angela

    have an amazing time…i can not wait to see your shots and experience this thru your eyes!!

    have a lovely rest:)
    i crave the ocean as well…it even makes the most trying of vacations worth it;)

  3. ‘land locked’ really is a different experience. i am from Australia where the majority of the population cluster on the coast, and then for a long, long grey year I lived in Manchester. It was so jarring to be landlocked in that grey city, lucky they serve beer by the pint!

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