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Being sociable

I don’t often feel at all sociable, in fact I generally exist between school and shoe box, only going out when I feel obliged to or sense the need to shake off some unhealthy cobwebs. I find the longer I hide at home the less tempted I am to go out and actually talk to people, don’t I talk to people all day long?  Honestly, after a day battling with puberty, I rarely have the energy to do more than shower, cook and tuck myself up with a good book. However it has been a very sociable couple of weeks here in the land of 3limes.

Some recent highlights:

Trooper and her best friend made home made pizza ( including the dough) for a group of us. It was a perfect sunday evening of wine, friendship and laughter.

A dinner party, Mexican style where we sat under the stars and  ate guacamole and drank tequila Mohitos. The group was a happy clan of UN employees, a couple of teachers, some business people. We had 4 Canadians, 1 Brit and a Kenyan.

A visit to the home of The Beautiful Ones who live on the banks of lake vic, where children dip in the pool or shoot bows and arrows.  I love an alfresco dinner party, especially one that features good food, French Cheese and an international mix of people including Canadians, French, American, Brits and a recently adopted Ugandan baby.

Then  one of those evenings where everyone who was anyone was in attendance. It was the opening of an art show and old timers mixed with journalists, expats and wealthy art buying Ugandans. The evening left me a bit cold, lost even, wondering where in the grand scheme of things, I fit in.  Frequently a feeling of not quite fitting in settles on my skin. Not sure how to wash it off.

A ladies night featuring 20 or so women, some expats, some long term residents and some who were born and raised here. It was a lovely evening in a beautiful home with a generous and amusing host. Again, we ate under the stars at little tables dotted around the garden with the warmth of a cluster of candles. I am again, inspired to move to a house with a garden so we too can entertain under the stars.

Rather than squeezing 9 people into the shoe box so we can eat pizza on our laps. Yes this was another feature of the sociable week.

A night in with no Trooper or Princess is always a highlight. This one was dedicated to laughter as handsome husband and I began the Gavin and Stacy marathon, a witty and irreverent English sitcom that makes me laugh; out loud and often. Having no TV here, we rely on DVD box sets and we have now worked our way through the entire series of Entourage, Californication, Torchwood and now Gavin and Stacy.

Finally a rather bizarre evening was spent at the Casino. Yes, there is a casino here, more than one in fact. Isn’t a casino in the poorest continent rather an anachronism? This one deserves its own post so more on that later.

Tonight is opening night for Maria, singing nuns and tea with jam and bread. Tomorrow night I will be going out to see it. Very excited.

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