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Feet in the mud, full throttle, crunch time.

So one ping pong day leads to another and if I don’t write about it and try to make sense of it all then where does the day lead? My weeks fly by so fast; this year, the most difficult year of my life; is nearly over. The year started last June when I left Trinidad and it will end in a few months when Year 1 comes to a close here in Uganda.

I miss my old life.  Not just the people and the school, my job, our sweet dog, my house;  I also miss living by the sea. At the same time I miss my life in Montreal; my friends, the independence of my own car and a house that spilled onto a sidewalk in the middle of town, where I could walk and meet people and do everything I needed to do within a 2km radius. But I cannot dwell on the past. No, I must look forward and look down at my own two feet walking in Kampala mud.

So let’s attack the present shall we?

Princess is terribly sad to see the end of Maria and the singing nuns. Goodbye, farewell. She says that she wishes it would go on forever and not have to end.  I think she fancies the idea of being an actress as a job, where you actually get paid to go onto the stage every single night.

“For how long?” she asked.

“Normally around 6 months and then they change the cast. Sometimes if you are on a break from making movies or are particularly famous they might do an 8 week run.”

“ Oh I like the 8 week one and and the movie idea much better,” she decided.

Princess  had a date with her 10 year old boyfriend on Saturday night.  Ideally they wished to be dropped off at a restaurant all alone for a couple of hours and then picked up and brought home once it was over. I didn’t fancy the idea of two ten year olds in a restaurant alone and neither did his parents. So the big sisters went along to supervise from a distance. They were given  strict instructions to sit at the “other end of the restaurant.”

I feel like saying Oy vey. What lies in my future when dates are starting at 10?

It is seriously cute though.

Trooper is about to turn 13. “’Nuff said.”

Handsome husband, now that his days featuring in The Sound of Music Meets The Pink Panther are over is going to be looking for a new hobby. I am thinking a sport. Something with rackets.

I am full throttle, missiles launching, speeding towards the end of term. I have the nightmare prospect of completing the Yearbook.  (When will I ever learn to say no?)  I have 120 kids who need to be ready to take an exam and then I need to be ready to mark 120 exams with only 2 days spare to write 120 reports.  I am remembering those days when I used to spend hours drinking Star-bucks and pushing a swing.  Fond memories.

But luckily before we get to that crunch time when teachers all over the world start to snap and look frazzled, we have a long weekend. Music to my ears. I am busy planning a get-away which is a good thing because I think I need something other than school and musicals to write about. And don’t you miss pictures? I do. My camera has only be used these past few weeks to snap yearbook photos of administrative staff lined up looking grim and young athletes throwing themselves over high poles.

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