Confessions of a Princess in Africa

Yet another mini vacation opportunity presents itself. We have a long weekend coming up in June and I cannot wait to get out of Kampala, pick up my camera and find something other than musicals, dead dogs and casinos to write about.  A four day weekend is too short to go to Queen Elizabeth Park and although just perfect for Murchison, having been there quite recently, I am eager to try somewhere new. So we need to look within a 4-5 hour radius of Kampala. Sipi Falls is perfect, but again we have done that. Jinja is best left for a simple weekend break and although a flight to Mombassa could work, it is rather expensive.  There is a place called Lake Mburo and whispers have been made about a trip out there.


I am not a camper, I have said this many times before. I thought that camping on the Delta for New Year’s Eve, under a full moon; totally exposed with the thrill of animals nearby was a highlight of my life as far as experiences goes. But it was an exception, and certainly not the beginning of any love affair between me and a tent.  However we have very good friends who are very serious campers. They have all the kit, including means of cooking and washing and living in the great outdoors unaided by any luxury and they want us to become campers too.

So tell me. Why can’t I just bite the tented bullet and sleep in a tent, feel mucky, eat food cooked and later washed up over a campfire?  If the world is divided into those that camp and those that do not (and in my opinion I see two very distinct groups amongst the people I know) then I am in the latter group and this is not something I can change. You really need to love the experience and while I respect and even admire those that embrace the tenting life, I just don’t get it.  I find it uncomfortable. This goes deeper than it seems and I cannot suddenly slip on a new skin and become something I am not.  Is there any shame in admitting that I am a bit Princess along with my inner Trooper?

One of my friends said, “But it is so comfortable! Just like camping in Canada with on site showers!”

I replied that I had never camped in Canada. With the greatest respect, we come from different worlds.

So we now have a quandary as our 4 day break swiftly approaches and I am being regarded as a stubborn and odd bird. I am looked at despairingly, as a spoilt girl who ought to know and do better.

I must mention that both Princess and Trooper simply adore camping. Perhaps that is the clue. I never once camped as a child and perhaps it is now too late?

Perhaps they can sleep in a tent while I flourish in a Lodge?


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5 responses to “Confessions of a Princess in Africa

  1. Give it a go! Maybe the line between camper and non camper can blur a little, they do for me….

  2. angela ( jhscrapmom )

    being a bit of a princess myself, i can understand your stubborn stance…i think you have managed beautifully in the adventures you have already had:).

    but…are there any other options? or is it one of those times when you just have to take a deep breath and go? again;)?

    when are you reaching your first princesss worthy city? this summer? london, right? can the thoughts of the summer not make your tent a little more comfortable this time?

    my brood is pining for a RV roadtrip. big vehicle, campsites with other enthusiasts, all in one adventuring. all i can see is claustrophobic bickering and road misadventures with a huge tent on wheels. not fun. and i am going to lose that battle soon enough as well…

  3. This blog is wonderful.
    I love love LOVE the press, and I love seeing what you’re experiencing!
    Great work.
    I will bookmark this page.
    Thanks for this.

  4. I love to camp and I can spend hours on the trail. I am happiest when I am in the bush. Most of my friends don’t feel the same, and I know I can never convert them. We have learned to compromise, a 2-3 hour walk in the woods is followed by a night in a lodge. May the Princess in you stay strong.

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