Finding the Pretty.

As you know I don’t have much occasion to see pretty things here in Kampala. So over the past week or so I have been toting my camera around with all good intentions to capture something pretty. I thought the exercise would lift my optimism and get me through these next few days before the Zebra trip.

So here are the results of my search for The Pretty.

Let’s see, shall we?

These giant pots are tumbled over on purpose, in the name of artistic decor. They happen to be situated outside the spa where I go to make my nails look pretty.

This is not a door that leads anywhere. In fact it is the Door to Nowhere. However, I thought it was pleasing to the eye and happens to be located very close to an attractive bar stool where I sat sipping some very pretty chilled white wine.

The things we do when we are bored! For a friendly experiment I tried photographing these flowers through a pair of binoculars.  I found the result quite surreal.

You might not realize it but these birds are wild parrots. They were gorgeous to watch and listen to especially since the garden was exceptionally pretty. I resolved with even greater resolve and determination to find myself a house with a garden. Even a postage stamp garden would do. Who could not be happy with wild parrots cavorting while you sip tea?

Wild and lush, even in pots.  The large one in the middle is a chimney and is perfect for the toasting of marshmallows.

My dream garden.  I can see puppy dogs and fairies.

If your rose tinted glasses fall off and get cracked underfoot, I recommend putting a camera in your bag and making it your mission to find the pretty.

It might just be around the corner.

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One response to “Finding the Pretty.

  1. angela ( jhscrapmom )

    finding the pretty…i like that.

    i like the idea of finding it while drinking wine as well.
    and having my nails done.

    ( i went for the easy comment rather than the one where i go on about trying to find the pretty in my life through my camera…you did it so much better:))

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