June Days

It does not feel one bit like June. Not at all. To me June feels like hope, the start of a long long summer and it simultaneously feels like the end, of a long long school year. June is flowers and finally really warm weather, it is school girls in tee shirts and dogs running their owners around the park. June is getting ready for tennis, Wimbledon, strawberries and cream; June is digging out the summer clothes and seeing what still fits. True, some of this happens in May but June has the real feeling of summer and the end of the school year. For the longest time my children and I have been on the American school schedule where school wraps up in June. This year we are full steam ahead until July and the glory of a last day at school will only hit us on July 9th. This is my third year of living in an all year round summer climate so I wonder why this June stands out as not feeling at all Juneish. I think it must be that school is still in full swing.

By this time, in my idea of June, exams would be over and yearbooks would be signed. Grad caps would be tossed, prom pics sorted and summer camps signed sealed and delivered. I love June in a 4 season climate when the flower boxes come out and people take to their gardens in earnest and I love June when legs start to go brown and the dresses get shorter. Children in shorts and sun hats run under sprinklers and ice cream slips down chins. Summer chalets are opened and cobwebs dusted away. Docks are laid upon the lakes and the dock days of summer begin.

The light is different in June as we approach Midsummer’s Night.  Here in Uganda sitting on the equator we have no lengthening of days, no changing of clocks or the joy of a slow evening sitting outside watching the day finally wane past 9pm. The best thing, really about June, are the long light evenings for walking, playing or eating with friends.

I have been wearing tee shirts and skirts for three years now, in fact other than the occasional hike I haven’t worn socks since 2007! I l love living summer all year long but I no longer feel the thrill of a summer’s day. I think you need to survive a long winter to truly appreciate June and maybe that is why it really doesn’t feel like June at all.


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2 responses to “June Days

  1. Ali

    I am so with you about missing long summer evenings. After 4 years of living on the equator, I dream of being able to take a long walk in the evening light or enjoying an evening in a beer garden when it’s still light. But we can count down the days till the holidays now x

  2. The weather in the southern hemisphere has me so confused that I really have to think about what month it is. Even though it doesn’t really get cold in Adelaide, I still feel like I should be getting ready for Christmas.

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