Kids are Cruel.

The tween and teen years are a time of terrible pressure and also petty silliness. Take these examples of things that make my students said. What is missing here is maturity and perspective, perhaps all that comes from having bigger problems to fry. But in the mean time their little hearts get sore and their heads in a tizzy all from, what seems to us, simple silliness. But to them these things are very real despite being very short lived.

“Jill told Jack to come and tell me my boobs are too big!”

“Frank and Jack were throwing my bag all over the place and I couldn’t catch it.”

“Al flagged me at lunch today.” (This means that he pulled her skirt down to reveal her underwear to the whole cafeteria.)

“Jess looked at me with a mean face and all I did was have lunch with someone different today.”

“John threw a pen at me!”

“Everyone is laughing and saying I love Josh but I was only worried about his face after the ball hit it!”

“Sarah gave me a present and then she took it back! That is why I hit her!”

“Miss, John told me I am ugly.”

The girls tend to make each other cry but the boys are simply crazy. They tease each other so much that their skin grows hard and little bothers them. However they have been taught to pretend nothing hurts them when often it does.  Kids are cruel.


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2 responses to “Kids are Cruel.

  1. Sadly, some kind of variation of this one – “Jess looked at me with a mean face and all I did was have lunch with someone different today” seems to keep playing out in my friendship circles! God knows what that goes to say about maturity levels of those I dine with!
    But really, I find that this has the most longevity compared with the rest of the ‘crisis’ mentioned above – you know, friends making new friends, friends getting boyfriends, the other friends getting sensitive…etc etc…

  2. 3limes

    I agree. It is the one crisis that seems to last through thick and thin, through growing up and despite maturity. I guess it is the one that still hits us in the gut every time and makes us question whether or not we are well and truly liked.

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