World Cup Memories

World Cup Spirit is alive and well in Kampala and the close proximity to South Africa has got the Vuvuzelas blasting loud and clear. Since this is an expat town football t-shirts from Argentina, Ghana, South Africa, England, Uruguay and a host of other nations can be seen on the backs of many a fan. I watched one game in a Latino Club, in Kampala with people from Spain, Switzerland, France, South Africa, Kenya, England, Uganda, Honduras and Canada.

This time four years ago we were in Montreal and I watched most of the games with my German friend in an Italian cafe. But the highlight was being in Little Italy when Italy won and as you can see a much younger Trooper and Princess got right into the spirit of it all.

These are a few photos taken minutes after Italy won, four years ago. You can almost see the joy on the parrot’s face.

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  1. I love that 3rd shot – an excellent photo, not just for capturing a spirit so well, but for being so skillfully shot

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