Miss Teacher is procrastinating

( Photo taken on a recent day off school midweek before the marking marathon began. Uganda has a curious number of Public Holidays, this one was called Hero’s Day. I feel like a Hero at the moment. A teacher Hero.)

In the past 36 hours I have marked 80 exams and written 60 reports. My eyes have the scrawled script of many  teenagers bobbing in a dazed blurred image.

When I am not marking I am procrastinating.

Things I do when I should be marking exams:

  1. Eat chocolate given to me my students that go just perfectly soft in the sun.
  2. Read the final book of the Millenium series. The marathon is finally over and I read all three in a row.
  3. Watch season six of House
  4. Watch season 1 of Glee ( with Trooper and Princess)
  5. Play Hangman on my iphone
  6. Plan my summer holidays and fret over how much I am packing into three weeks
  7. look at the the sartorialist and dream of shops
  8. make lists of all the exams I have to mark
  9. Write lists of what I do when I am not marking exams
  10. Clean my classroom
  11. Excel as a procrastinator

If you don’t hear from me then I have stopped procrastinating and I am back, knee deep in paper.

This week will pass and then we will be facing THE END.


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3 responses to “Miss Teacher is procrastinating

  1. if you are drowning in paper, then at least i hope you are humming something delightful from glee ( which i watch religiously with my 14 year old ).

    and now i must go find chocolate…is african chocolate very different than canadian chocolate?

    when does your summer vacation officially kick off??

  2. Robyn

    Well-I should be writing reports, but I am ready about what you do when you are not writing reports…is procrastinating contagious???

  3. Robyn

    reading about..!

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