A Waste of time: a bit of fun.

I have found a most excellent time waster and procrastination tool. Please feel free to add your own answers in the comment box (you know I find the comments box on 3limes shamefully underused. Are you all shy? Don’t actually visit much? Have nothing to say?) If not the comments box then perhaps do your own version on your blog, send an email to a friend or maybe just on the back of a grocery receipt that you found lurking behind the fridge. In any case it might be fun. Who knows? It beats marking exams.

Anyway back to the point; here is a little questionnaire, known in the blog world as a meme.

What experience has most shaped you and why?

Moving all over the world. Spending no longer than 4 years in any place until arriving in my beloved Montreal, only to be pulled away, tearfully like a toddler told to leave a toy store. It hurts. I have said goodbye to more people in the past few years than most people do in a life time. On a brighter note I have seen more of the world and met a greater variety of people than most do in a life time. So it depends on how you look at it or how I wake up in the morning.

If you had a whole day with no commitments what would you do?

This question seriously depends on where I am. In Kampala it would be to lie by the pool, play scrabble, and eat a large and delicious lunch with white wine spritzers; followed by a return home to watch a Glee marathon with my daughters. If I am in the Great Shiny West, I would have to say a brunch out with good friends, a saunter around a gallery or two and a good few hours trying on shoes. This would also have to include a long walk in a city park (the sun would be shining by the way) and an evening spent in a movie theatre eating popcorn and M&Ms. I am a simple girl with simple tastes.

What food or drink could you never give up?

White wine, good coffee and Toblerone. As I said simple girl, simple tastes.

If you could travel anywhere, where would that be and why?

I have a long list. In Africa I want to go to Capetown, Botswana, Masai Mara and Victoria Falls. I also have an urge to go to Mafia Island off the coast of Tanzania where the sea is turquoise and the sand a startling hot white.

In Europe, a return back to Italy. Lots of time in Italy please.

In the Americas: Argentina and the Grand Canyon.

But today? Right now? Montreal.

Who do you have a crush on?

Hmmm.  I have lots of crushes on all sorts of people, most of them famous. I think crushes are important. Here is a random list in no particular order:

George Clooney. No matter what, there is always George.

A former student who shall remain nameless.

Jack Johnson, or really any guy who surfs and plays the guitar.

Two friends who shall remain nameless.

Rob Lowe.

There is a guy who makes coffee in a café in Montreal….

If you were the leader of your country, what would you do?

Take all the taxes off diapers, and sanitary towels, tampax and toilet paper. No one should have to pay tax to wipe up body fluids.  Strange opinion but true.

I would also pay teachers a whole lot more. There is no rhyme or reason to the fact that plumbers and bus drivers get paid more than I do.

What am I reading right now?

Other than exams? Tick Bite Fever by David Bennun. A hilarious account of all that can go wrong when one family moves to Kenya in the 70s. Handsome Husband found the book very inspiring while I am reading it as a precautionary tale.

What recent event has made you sad?

Princess fell off her horse while horse jumping and is now sporting a most colourful autographed cast. She can’t take part in the End of Year Swim Gala, Dance Performance or any more riding lessons for some time.  Luckily she can’t wait to get back on a horse, there appears to be no fear in that child. She is being a brave and cheerful trooper but I feel very sad for her.

What recent event has made you angry?

The oil spill. A disaster brought on by greed, a disaster that won’t go away because of greed.

The Saville Inquiry into Bloody Sunday in Northern Ireland. Why did it take 12 years and cost nearly $200 to come to the conclusion that the victims were indeed victims and not armed?

The G20 summit in Huntsville Canada will be held next week. The cost of security? $1 billion. That is insane. I think the world has gone insane or has my perspective been warped by a year in Africa?

Ok. That’s it. Back to work.


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10 responses to “A Waste of time: a bit of fun.

  1. i am playing as soon as i get to my thursday morning spot in the coffee shop;)…or perhaps i should find the cafe guy in montreal;)?? for you of course!

  2. sumana

    Love the meme…something to think about..
    I visit you often but left a comment only one time 🙂
    1.Moving from my country (India) to Uk and later U.S. , settling in the foreign soil..
    2.Read, Read & yes read…with coffee ofcourse…but got to figure out where to send the 7 & 3 yr old…
    3. Mango Margarita, Coffee, Mango Lassi, Any Dark Chocolate
    4.Egypt , Italy (same as you), Costa Rica and back to my home country
    5.Iam with you for Clooney, Chris Martin, Sean Penn, a guy @ Trader Joes..
    6. I like yours, never came to my mind though…as for me may be tax more on smoking
    7. Tagore
    8.Recently my mom was sick and I am so far that I couldn’t go and help her out..it really made me sad
    9. All three that you mentiones that makes me mad too..it’s an insane world with panicky people..there are so many things that I am angry about ..it would be a long list..

    • 3limes

      So happy you wrote! Thanks for doing the meme. I really enjoyed reading your answers, You know George Clooney actually lives in Italy!?!?!
      Just a joke. Fun to see how we were thinking alike.

  3. 1 – gah. it is depressing. sorry. my dad dying when i was 16. that shaped me in a huge way…both good and bad. i am often fearful of what is around the corner, mixed with being somewhat reckless because of that same reason…
    2 – sleep. right now i would sleep. uninterrupted.
    once rested? i would be walking all over some fabulous city. likely montreal. l.a. could do as well. with a book in my bag and time to try on endless amounts of jeans. pretty simple. and then, because i have no commitments ( and just as likely as that, unlimited cash;)), i would hop a plane to somewhere i have never been. just because. and i would have my camera.
    3 – apple crisp. it is a childhood thing. then key lime pie. and tea:).
    4 – my list is endless right now. i have only traveled outside of north america once…and it is time for more. to paris, then brazil, then scotland, then the canadian north, then some island somewhere that i do not even know exists yet:)
    5 – i agree, crushes are important:).
    celebrity crushes? david bowie, jean leloup ( reminded of that particular crush on this, st. jean baptiste day), roger moore as james bond ( that turtleneck…).
    and one more.


    telly savales. i know. twisted.

    and real life? um…;)
    6 – (a note on your comment…my dad always said he should have invested in tampon stock…)
    i would do many things…but realize it is easier said than done. i would focus my attention and funds on education and security. i want to be surrounded by smart, safe people;).
    7 – still reading “the settler’s cookbook”, waiting to read many…but secretly looking most forward to “the nanny’s return” next. shameful, isn’t it? but it is summer…
    8 – the story of a recent haitian orphan and the canadian nurse that fell in love and tried to adopt him, but who has been blocked from doing so due to the restrictions implemented since the earthquake. the thought of a 3 year old losing his parents…and then losing the woman who nurtured him back to health, who is willing to give him a home NOW? the image of him reaching out to her as he pulled away in the car and of her sobbing, holding her hand out? makes me cry and want to vomit all at the same time.
    9 – angry. teenagers nearly killing each other over text messages. that makes me angry. wtf? i can not even understand that.

    i am going to share the same questions…this was fun. but now i am sad again over the orphan story. sigh.

  4. 3limes

    Glad you replied and did the questions Angela, even if it made you sad. Sad can be good sometime. But Kojak?? Really?

  5. Terri Lowrey

    I read often but never comment because I’m not a commenter, I’m a reader.

    1. What experience has most shaped you and why? Living an incredibly insecure life as a child. I have never gotten over the whole insecurity thing and it has held me back.

    2. If you had a whole day with no commitments what would you do? Go to the coast and sit in my little blue folding chair and watch the waves.

    3. What food or drink could you never give up? Ice cream and coffee.

    4. If you could travel anywhere, where would that be and why? I have never traveled beyond North America … I’d like to go to Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, Portugal.

    5. Who do you have a crush on? I have a girl crush on Mary-Louise Parker (just started watching Weeds), Gabriel Byrne, Shemar Moore.

    6. If you were the leader of your country, what would you do? We don’t pay taxes on diapers, etc., so you should move to Oregon. My leadership would have something to do with parents, they can be the best thing to happen to you but they can also be the worst thing to happen to you. Holding parents to a higher standard in some way.

    7. What am I reading right now? The Chameleon’s Shadow by Minette Walters and the second Stieg Larsson book.

    8. What recent event has made you sad? The local disappearance of a young boy from his own school … sooooo sad.

    9. What recent event has made you angry? The BP spill, it took so long for people to get really angry about this.

  6. pssssst – i passed on your questions through my blog:)
    i am still thinking about some of them.
    i am angry about many things,lol…

  7. Pingback: kev – ok, I’ll play too.

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