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Rupert Everett, Argentinians, Germans and Glitter-all in one post.

July 4th and while a nation celebrates by cooking raw meat over a flame and blowing up stuff we are making thank you cards for teachers by candle night and everyone is rather cross about the sad looking craft box, a poor relative of the glitter factory that used to occupy a cupboard in my Montreal basement.

The end of a school year is a mixture of relief, excitement, satisfaction and a touch of sadness. There are a few goodbyes and a lot of reflection. The kids look a whole lot older than they did 9 months ago and the teachers a lot more weary. As school books get returned to the library and classrooms get dusted, reports get handed out and awards nights are hosted. It has to be the most tiring week in a teacher’s life. They all wear the same “Is it OVER ALREADY?!?!” expression beneath their fixed on smiles. The last week of school is a perfect opportunity to show some films, considering exams are over and seriously no one is going to allow teaching to go on. I did some swooning while showing Shakespeare in Love to my year 9 students. Even the tougher of the lads melted a touch when Will and Violet had to say goodbye for the last time. The Year 8s were treated to a viewing of Midsummer’s Night Dream; a movie featuring Calista Flockhart as an indignant Helena and Michele Pfeiffer as a super sparkly Titania. Imaginative casting. I was happy as I got a double bill of Rupert Everett. Is that man a veritable Adonis or what exactly? I managed to get the year7s hopelessly hooked on Glee. A job well done, I thought. The Pilot is an excellent example of how to listen to your inner voice and resist the urge to bully a wheel chair bound boy by sticking him in a porta-loo. A lesson well taught.

I had more than my share of proud mother moments in the past week. Both Trooper and Princess got awards and stella reports, proving to us all, once again what a good school year they have both had.

The World Cup has been a welcome distraction in the midst of the flurry of end of year excitement. Yesterday I sat with 200 Germans ( who knew there were so many Germans in Kampala?) and watched Germany swiftly and neatly destroy any hope of an Argentinean Victory in South Africa. We then moved onto the Latino bar where we observed the Spanish continue the Latin exodus as they dispatched the Paraguayan team back to their corner of South America.  The distance of a few potholed roads and we crossed from one Germanic side of Northern Europe to a hot headed Spain. It is one of the finer facts about living this expat life.

Next week is jam packed with leaving parties, school functions, packing and goodbyes.

So here is the recipe to complete this week before we set off for the Great Shiny West.

  1. Five days to watch to last 6 episodes of Glee. My most recent obsession.
  2. Four suitcases to pack.
  3. Three school functions
  4. Two more football matches to watch.
  5. One cast to remove

And then we leave and there will be no more cows to watch out for on the roads and no more power cuts to swear about just as we are about to start cooking dinner. There will be less chaos and less flavour. Things might even seem a little bland after the crazy streets of Kampala.

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