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The Great Shiny West Photo Challenge

Summer holidays approach, finally and I need a new creative challenge. Once I am let loose from this zoo they call school I will be hopping on a plane and my eyes will pop when I see the Great Shiny West. It has been nearly a year since I did the following things:

  1. Ate ice cream
  2. Drank a Starbucks coffee
  3. Walked on a pavement
  4. Rode a bus or a train or a Tube
  5. Ate pine nuts
  6. Walked into a large clothes/shoes/book shop
  7. Bought a magazine
  8. Watched TV ( that is not streamed on the internet)
  9. Not fret about power cuts
  10. Used a washing machine
  11. Used a dish washer
  12. Ate a strawberry
  13. Walked on a groomed, manicured lawn in a park.
  14. Saw dogs on leashes
  15. Talked to an old friend, face to face.
  16. Didn’t wake up, go to the toilet and check for the presence of a cockroach.
  17. Use a real telephone, attached to the wall.
  18. Look out of a window to see old, tall buildings made of bricks.
  19. Cook without worrying that a fallen crumb will lead to an army of ants
  20. Ate in a restaurant with a crisp white table cloth and a handsome blond waiter serving me a grilled vegetable soufflé.

I imagine the first few days will be overwhelming and I am going to hide my ATM card in the freezer to avert disaster. I have decided that instead of writing lots of WOWs and throwing tons of exclamation marks everywhere (!!!!) and perhaps even shouting on about consumerism and materialistic shallow Londoners who have no idea how Africans live I am going to sacrifice the written word all together. Instead I am going to document my reaction through images.

I will post one image a day for 20 days.  Maybe more, maybe less. Promise.

I will call it the Great Shiny West Photo Challenge.  Each photo has to speak to what I am thinking and feeling about being back.

Too bad I won’t have my new camera until the end of the month…oh dear…first world problems.


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