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Good News

Often I have a nervous Blog Moment. Does anyone really want to hear about my pregnant house keeper? My new house? Princess’s Chatterbox status, starting school? And then I plod on, typing away more for myself than in any vain hope that someone out there in the blogosphere is reading. It is a funny business though. So if you are bored and don’t want to read about the good news brewing in the world of 3limes, stop now.

We might need to change Princess’s name to Princess Chatterbox. Since returning to Kampala we have barely had a moment when she is not chatterboxing away; from the moment she awakes to the moment her pretty head hits the pillow she has something to say and the house is never quiet. Why is this good news? Because it means she is happy and when I think back to a year ago when we were waking up in the Cockroach Palace I think I have a different child.

We are moving out of the Shoebox! In two weeks! While we were in London galavanting Handsome Husband wasn’t just working, swimming laps and sipping beer. No, he was house hunting and after visiting close to 15 houses he found us a real gem. We are hopping with excitement, girls are day dreaming about paint colours and I am imagining sunday morning coffees on the veranda. Handsome Husband will be bending over, shovel in hand planting beans and carrots while I stare at the trees and sip coffee.

We are getting a washing machine. I am ridiculously happy about this point. I am 41 and drooling over a square machine that washes clothes. Is there something wrong with this picture?

Our housekeeper is pregnant.  (Yes I have a housekeeper. I live in Africa people and I will take the perks!) This is not really good news, to be perfectly honest. She already has one child and no husband. However this is her affair. She never told us she was with child, probably fearing the security of her job so finally I decided to broach the subject. After some months of watching her putting on weight it was becoming too obvious to simply blame on an over dose of matoke. The conversation went well. I assured her we would take care of her, pay her during her time at home and informed her that we would be moving to a larger house and that she would therefore be getting a raise. But nothing made her smile quite as much as the news that we were finally getting a washing machine. For 10 months this sweet young thing as has bending over and hand washing for a a family of 4. This is soon to come to an end.

Back to work tomorrow. No this is not really classified as good news other than the fact that finally getting down to some work will appease my stress over the fact that I have not yet read one single text that I am due to teach.


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